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Nova Scotia Flag Image  2018 Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Flag Image 

Team Nova Scotia 2018
John Elliott | Al Shepherd | Andrew Praught | Ward Beck | Joe Taplin

Team Nova Scotia 2018 Bio: 

Skip: John Elliott - Ret. Sgt. RCMP 
- Past President CPCA 
- 2000-2015 CPCA Executive as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice president and President
- 40+ years curling experience
- 30 years curling with his best friend Mike Praught, so sorry Mike....
- Co-Host with Cyril House of the 2000 CPCA Championship in Halifax
- CPCA bronze medal winner in 1987 with Garth Mitchell
- 10th National Championship 

Vice: Alan Shepherd - Sgt RCMP
- 27 years of curling experience.
- Represented NWT and NS
- 5th National Championship  

Second: Andrew Praught - Cst. Halifax Regional Police 
- 8 years curling experience
- 4th National Championship

Lead: Ward Beck - Bridgewater Police 
 - 2nd National Championship

Fifth/Coordinator: Joe Taplin RCMP
- NSPCA Coordinator 2016, 2017 and 2018
- 27 Years curling experience
- 5th National Championship 

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