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Saskatchewan Flag Image  2015 Saskatchewan
Special CPCA Invite
Saskatchewan Flag Image 
Team Saskatchewan Proxy 2015
Bill Goodchild| Steve Aguiar |Ryan Pearce | Dave Heasman

Team Saskatchewan Proxy Proudly Sponsored by
Ontario Police Curling Association Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association
Team 2015 Bio: 

Skip/ Lead: Dave Heasman - Toronto Police Service (ret.)
- 3 time OPCA Champion in 1989, 1992 and 2002.
- Fourth National Championship appearance

Fourth: Ryan Pearce - Toronto Police Service (1 yr service)
- First year competing in Police Curling.
- Already famous for closing hospitality suites.
- First National Championship appearance

Third: Steve Aguiar - Toronto Police Service
- 3 time runner up at the OPCA Championship
- First National Championship appearance.

Second: Bill Goodchild - Toronto Police Service (ret.)
- OPCA Champion in 2002, competed in Trois Rivieres.
- In 2004 made a Honourary Lifetime Member of the CPCA

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