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Team Manitoba
Ron Stewart  | Garry Brears | Don Nelson | Rob Gudnason | Bill Stewart

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Team Manitoba 2012 Bio: 

Skip: Bill Stewart - Winnipeg Police Service Ret.
Age: 50 again.
First National Championship
as a player.

Third: Rob Gudnason - Canadian Border Services Agency
Age: Hopes to make 50.
First National Championship Appearance

Second: Garry Brears - Winnipeg Park Police
Age: Doesn't act his age.
8th National Championship Appearance
Canadian Police Curling Champion 2010

Lead: Ron Stewart - Canadian Border Services Agency
Age: Our senior member, but young at heart.
First National Championship Appearance

Fifth/ Chaperone: Don Nelson - Winnipeg Police Service Ret.
Age: Old enough to know better.
14th National Championship Appearance
Two Time Canadian Champion in 1994, 1995.
Past CPCA President

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